About LJM Accounts Ltd

We are a family run business which was established by Laurie in 1990.  Our business consists of three people -

Laurie - VAT, PAYE, RTI and Management Accounts

John - Taxation

Mark - Accounting Technician

We offer a professional, friendly service, which consists of:-

Book-keeping, PAYE, RTI, VAT, Management Accounts and Taxation.

Our services are available on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, which ever suits your needs.  We have a proven track record for VAT and PAYE inspections, all of which are carried out at our office.

Our aim is to remove the stress of record keeping from you, to allow you to concentrate on managing your business and having a life outside of work.

Don't worry if your records are behind and in a mess as we specialise is back-dated accounts.

Would this appeal to you and reduce the stress in your life?